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shelly pardy
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First I want to thank :iconthenavigator: for letting me use one of their artworks. Go check out his work… of non fella work and his :iconfella-avitars: work :glomp:

And what the hell do you want to know about me.. it was an ugly start that took the first 27 years of my life to finally have a much deserved nervous breakdown and now at 38 I am stabilizing my jitters in a theorpuktic professional manner..

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Pro Education

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 12, 2016, 10:22 PM
Recently i have been having somewhat civil discussions with folks who seem to cringe at the notion that if someone like myself merely suggests reading all of the info and research about vaccines, I have been labelled a propagandist, a fucking moron, a conspiracy theorist, religious, and other things which have been rather amusing. 

I understand the fear of what if… and wanting to take precautions. But this Bullying mentality and trying to shame those of us who haven't had a vaccine in a decade or two, Kindly back the fuck off. I can tolerate someone who is scared of something when they don't have access to all of the information ( I expect that kind of irrational behaviour from anyone under the age of a teenager, reading complex words before teen age years is scary, frustrating and causes a kid to have a temper tantrum. BUt if you are full grown and have the ability to read and ask questions ( no matter how conspiracy they sound or how stupid or moronic)… I used to be terrified of asking questions in class, in every single grade because of bullies who seemed to enjoy putting people like myself down. It wasn't until I was in my 20's did I start not giving a shit how my questions sounded to bullies. I started to enjoy learning and asking questions. I wasn't born into this world with all or any of the information I know now.. that is why it is called education for a friggin reason. 
I didn't know that the holocaust existed until I was in high school ( which I will make a quick point.. if your kids don't know anything about the holocaust, world war 2 or any of the wars .. this is where you sit your kids next  to you and started looking it up on the internet or go to a shaggin library ( university libraries are the best, they have most books that city libraries don't have. not all books can be found online to read.. and some are out of print and can't be found on the internet). 

Getting back to asking questions. 
What I have a low tolerance of is grown ass adults not willing to ask what is in the meds, what are the drug interactions, will it have long term damaging effects, how did these meds get researched, the species they tested on and eventually tossed in a dumpster or incinerated… were they stolen, are they the product of inbreeding within the lab ( that  can compromise the test results), were those species  have a natural exposure to the viruses, how many animals have died of failed experiments, were the successful ones a mere fluke. how does the virus injected into another species, who would have never wised contracted it, translated into a logical test result. Does their blood type differ from ours, does a virus naturally occurring in them cancel out the virus they were injected with, does the blood type matter does their ability to fight it off faster or slower than us make a difference..
thousands of more question.. some of which have been answered.. redundantly. repeated testing on non human species testing those meds on species that either have no  immune system to it or have a naturally occurring immune system completely different to humans.. brings the question.. if these meds are meant to cure or treat humans.. why put other species through the brutality of isolation, violent physical abuse, non-consenting medical testing, the don't speak our languages, they can't tell you where it hurts, and will die a brutal death of which they will suffer anywhere from days to years. if you can't handle being locked up in a cage for that length of time, we have no right to do it to those species. 
I know the argument I will most likely get from those defending through other species under the vaccine bus to try to save our species… some folks would say that human lives matter more than other species, that without testing on those species some of the worst viruses and diseases would not have been dealt with.. the problem with that argument is that polio is found in many places over seas today.. the same with smallpox, ebola, etc. 
The other problem is that diseases and viruses evolve and  develop a resistance to vaccines and meds.. our genetics has played a part in that too. The other part of the equation is the environment is which the virus or disease has surfaced where never was before. was there a human carrier involved unknowing or was it dormant in someone genetics and it simply turned itself on given the environment and genetics? How much political  red tape between countries is involved with not sharing the successful human only tested meds? 
thousands of more questions but right about this time asking all of these questions causes some folks to label people like me moron or anti vax or a conspiracy theorist.. 
One person had told me that two doctors I had talked to about if I needed to get the vaccines that have been doled out over the past 15 years not to bother, didn't believe a doctor would actually say to a patient to not bother.. something about liking it to a fireman not wanting to a use a hose. You see .. one of those doctors was my family doctor (an excellent doctor who doesn't like over medicating the patents because the doctor understands about drug interaction and that some folks have a natural immunity  is a good thing.. why fuck up what isn't broken. 
The other doctor was an epidemiologist who every time there was a new strain of a virus or a brand new virus out and it was on the news.. that doctor told me not to bother, that I would be fine.. and I was.. through mad cow, swine flu, bird flu, h1n1, etc. I haven't had anything since the mid 90's and that was a tetanus shot because of a wire fence. 

Not this isn't meant to be insulting, the bullying mentality of the panic driven portion of our species (most of whom don't like to ask questions about the needles they get or the meds they ingest), is not helping. and it sure as shit won't convince me to join the herd. 
I have one more question for the few whom I have mentioned about the people (adults and kids and babies) who have died from vaccines.. the common answer I get is .. oh those are only a few out of millions.. pro vax and pro lifers.. why don't those who died from vaccines matter? is it their icky deaths make you wanting put on those horse blinders because those deaths will cause you to have to ask questions about why vaccines aren't a one size fits all? do you need or want to wait until stats goes into hundreds…thousands or perhaps millions before you start questioning whether you or someone you know has it happen to them? is apathy towards those who died from drug interactions and/or vaccines means that little to those folks who would rather call me a moron or a conspiracy theorist or whatever else? 

I titled this Pro education because where i live, a few of various schools are losing their libraries. Outside of the classroom text books, these people need libraries to learn, and to research. 
I am pro asking questions.  

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